The Four Yamatechs®

Our first four selection of Yamatechs® found in the Wish Manifestation App – Your spiritual Ally™, were chosen, designed, constructed, and programed according to the channeled instructions given to the founder of George C. Georgiou from his Higher Self. They assist in accelerating a variety of manifestations based on the most common human needs encountered.

The Four Yamatechs® are:
– Shri Chakra Yamatech®
– The Ganesha Yamatec
– The Maha – Mritunjay Yamatech®
– The Tripura Bhairavi Yamatech®

1) The Shri Chakra Yamatech®

Is used for attracting worldly desires, happiness, popularity, power, wealth and success.
It helps us push our limits to achieve greater personal success and material comfort.
Create a fitter version of ourselves especially in a competitive environment.

Examples of wishes for using the Shri Chakra Yamatech®

I wish to achieve financial wellness
I wish to have more clients
I wish to get the ….. contract
I wish to have better performance in …..
Good for balancing introverted and extrovert personalities;
I wish to be more confident and outgoing
I wish to be more mindful when I am speaking to others

2) The Ganesha Yamatech®

For inspiration, motivation, wise decision making, good luck and success in new ventures, removing all kinds of obstacles preventing you from accomplishing your goal.

It carries;
– probability enhancing energies.
– motivational energies, good for avoiding procrastination.

It is also good for facilitating communication and adding positive energy mainly by removing all types of discrimination, especially among people who face adversity because of different age, race, background, sexuality etc..

Examples of wishes for using the Ganesha Yamatech®

“I wish to not be judged.”
“I wish to be able to express myself freely.”
“I wish not to have interactions with people that do not resonate with me.”

3) The Maha-Mritunjay Yamatech®

Brings healing energies and good health. Releases the fear of death.
For deflecting all sorts of negative energies and evil (including and not limited to fatal diseases), evil ghosts, protection from black magic.
It’s almost as if it puts a shield around people who are consistently tired or ill and protects them from attracting new illness thus giving them the opportunity and resolve to deal with what is already there.
To be protected against ghosts or evil disembodied living entities.
It creates energies for the reversal of negative entity attachments and negative bad fortunes; it produces an energy for protection against black magic users or negative beings who feed from the energy.
Finally, it works against those negative cycles of energy; people who experience self-sabotage and repetitive, negative decision making.

Examples of wishes for using the Maha-Mritunjay Yamatech®

I wish for myself to be released from the constant depression because I deserve to be happy.
I desire the entities who feed from my energy to be removed because I want to feel energetic and whole again.
I wish to no longer live in fear.

4) The Tripura Bhairavi Yamatech®

For transmutation of negative karma, turning bad experiences into positive experiences, asking to have a better understanding of a negative and painful experience in your life so healing and wisdom can ensue.
This helps transmute a negative energy and turn it into another energy so you can understand it, enabling the healing process to take place.
Its purpose is the energy of being able to transmute bad experiences into positive experiences, destruction of an obstacle in order to achieve a larger energy.

Examples of wishes for using the Tripura Bhairavi Yamatech®

I wish to understand and learn from my disease to avoid future recurrences. 
I desire to learn from my bad financial experiences and grow financially stronger than ever before.
These are the types of wishes that would be hard to place in word form but we believe you understand well about what we are speaking about.
I will take from experience from the host’s experience and use examples from his own energy. The very first is
“I wish to see the positive energy behind the bad experience of the early death of my own father.” That energy is one that is transmutation or trying to see the energy; positivity from negativity.
The second example that we would give you is
“I wish that I could overcome the issues concerning the custody of my own son and understand how to make him happy.”
The third example that we would give is
“I wish to grow out my disease, go beyond the pain that limits me and experience life to the full.

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