The Wish Manifestation App – Your Spiritual Ally
– An introduction by its creator, Georgios C. Georgiou

The Wish Manifestation App™ is the first of its kind Mind-to-Holographic Universe interface, made possible via a device and an app designed to accelerate the manifestation of your wishes and anything else that your heart desires using many channels of manifestation.

My name is Georgios C. Georgiou, and besides being a Chiropractor, I had also practiced clinical hypnotherapy for many years, and I also consider myself to be an inventor, a scholar of the supernatural and explorer of human potential for over 25 years now.

The Wish Manifestation App™- Your Spiritual Ally, was conceptualized during one of my infamous long mid-day breaks that I like to take in order to accommodate my many spiritual practices including meditation which usually turns into all sorts of interactions with my Higher Self.

It was one such afternoon in February, 2018 that I chose to ask my Higher Self about the meaning of the Holographic Universe, a term that I kept hearing about but had no idea what it meant.

After my usual initiation of such practices of pranayama and Aum chanting, I remained in a meditative state. After a while I received a very simple and straight-forward answer to my question to which I remarked that “this is also a description of how manifestation works”! I was then shown the door of a large vault, and how the numbered dial ring had to be rotated several times left and right and stop at the exact numbers before eventually being able to open the door of the vault and access its desired contents. This visualization was accompanied with the understanding, that manifestations also work much the same way. I saw firsthand how the right frequencies of energies or synchronicities must occur at the right place and at the right time for your manifestation to be unlocked and then experienced!

While in my meditative state, seeing the numbered ring dial of the big vault door and receiving the accompanying insights, my ever creative, practical, solution seeking nature started a parallel mental process! I had visualized a large mandala painted on that vault door and right in the center was the ring dial and I was turning that dial which in turn was causing the mandala’s inner geometric designs to also turn in different directions much like the inner workings of a Swiss clock!

At that moment I knew that I had just visualized what the ultimate manifestation Yantra would look like!

I understand that I have used two terms that many of you may not be familiar with; the mandala and the Yantra.

Yantras and Mandalas are originally found in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions and these are paintings consisting mainly of three parts. The first one is the sacred enclosure called the Bhupura; most commonly have a square shape, the second part is made up of multiple different geometric structures that are found within the Bhupura, and the third part is called the Bindu; painted as a single black dot in the center of the structure which represents the center of creation.

The main difference between a Yantra and a Mandala or what makes a Mandala to be considered a Yantra, is the fact that a Yantra is accompanied by or contains within its structure a mantra. A mantra could be a sound, a word or short hymn which is repeated to aid concentration in meditation.

Both Yantras and Mandalas have multiple purposes, ranging from being an aid to meditation and positively energizing a space, to worshiping of the represented deity and appealing to obtain different attributes that the deity is known for. They are also used for decoration on temple floors and walls and can also be worn as a talisman.

Below are two examples of two variations of the most famous of all the mandalas, the Shri Chakra.


Below is an example of what the Shri Chakra Mandala/Yantra looks like when transformed into a Yamatech®.

Although at a first glance may appear similar, this is not the case at all! The differences are numerable and below I provide you with the major ones:

– First of all, the active Yamatech® is animated it is not a still picture/panting. When animated the Yamatech® propagates the powerful energies contained within the Yamatech™ itself and those of the user to the holographic universe.

– The Yamatech® can only exist as application within an electronic device able to store and run it. This is because of the nature of the meta-technologies that are embedded and used, like the HU source code, its active pre-programming, and others.

– The Shri Chakra becomes truly powerful when the inner structure; nine triangles in a circle, is constructed based on the following three principles. Its concentric, meaning the center of the entire structure, the Bindu coincide with the center of the outer circle, the Bindu must be encompassed within an equilateral triangle, while the intersections formed from the interconnected triangles must be concurrent, meaning that all three-sided intersections that are formed meet at the same point. Abiding by these building principles makes it one of the most complex and difficult structures to build, as a result the majority of Shri Chakra have a faulty design just like the examples above compared with the Shri Chakra Yamatech® which is correct.

The Shri Chakra Yamatech®, including the other ones found in the Wish Manifestation app contain dozens of modifications from their original design based on instructions that I have received from my Higher Self which aim in potentiating their purpose.

Yamatech®: word origin and definition

Ya-ntra  Ma-ndala Tech-nology ⇒ Yamatech®

A metaphysical tool inspired by the Yantra and Mandala ancient paintings and use, found mainly in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions that have been modified, enhanced, amplified, animated and made into an application using technology.

Modified, so that, there are no symbols or words that refer to a deity or a God thus only utilizing their existing geometric and symbolical dynamics, enhanced; with further specific energetic geometric patterns, symbols and color frequencies, amplified; by the embedded Holographic Universe (HU) source code, the dynamic pre-programmed energies, the users’ own energies (i.e. intentions and emotions), animated; by making some of its geometric and symbolical parts moving in a particular direction and finally, the use of technological advancements that allow us to bring all these elements together working harmoniously through an application which can only be found in an electronic device that is capable of storing and running this app. The combination of all these elements establish the Wish Manifestation App™ and the Yamatech® very powerful metaphysical tools.

In the heart of the Wish Manifestation App are the Yamatechs® that can be programmed by the user. These programs take the form of a particular energy (wish, desire, and goal) which depending on the energy, the Yamatech® can respond to and energetically assist the user through various channels, including that of their Higher Self and the holographic universe to attract the necessary resources and synchronistic events.
It can even enlighten and create insightful ideas and thoughts in their day-to-day lives that will bring them closer to the manifestation of their wish. Similarly, they can also counteract existing or future negative energies (obstacles) that can get in the way of the desired energies that the user wants to experience.

Designing each Yamatech® was a long and tedious procedure due to the uniqueness of each structure encompassing precise energies since every little detail had its significance!

The Wish Manifestation App™ was eventually brought to reality after bringing together several concepts into reality that can actually be built in this digital age that we live in.

The Wish Manifestation App™ aims to manifest your wishes and anything else that your heart desires using many channels of manifestation. Working with the law of attraction to help you remove, on an energetic level; any negative thought or belief patterns that you may have is only one way out of many that can help you achieve your wishes much faster and that is why it is considered so much more powerful!

This is the first of its kind – a one off; meta-technology that you can program and activate to accelerate the manifestation of your desires! Think of this app as your spiritual ally working with you and for you in the background; orchestrating the events that need to take place so your wish can be manifested. This is not a fantasy-genie-like app that will promise to manifest your wish in an instant and without any effort on your behalf! However, at the right moment you will be called on to take the right action that will lead you to the fulfillment of your wish or accomplishment of your goal!

If you are currently frustrated with the way things are going in your life,  not getting what you want due to delays , glitches and only after having overcome so many unnecessary obstacles – wouldn’t you like to have someone who is really powerful working for you in the background, bringing you what you want, removing all unnecessary obstacles so enabling your wishes, desires, and goals to be manifested? If your answer is “yes,” then the Wish Manifestation app utilizing the powerful Yamatechs® is what you need!

Yamatechs® work closely with your Higher Self and the Holographic Universe, which in turn are capable of assisting you in any undertaking that you wish. In order to be active and work for you, so that you can enjoy amazing synchronicities and accelerated manifestations in your life, they require written instructions of what it is that you want (program) and then activate them by selecting the time frame in which you want them to run. We recommend running them on your device for at least 2 hours per day, preferably during a time when you do not expect any phone calls i.e. during the night. In addition, it would be a good idea to have your device charging as this will ensure your battery doesn’t drain as a result of the operation of the app.

Our first four selection of Yamatechs® found in the Wish Manifestation App™ – Your spiritual Ally, assist in accelerating many helpful manifestations based on the most common human needs encountered.

The Four Yamatechs® are:

– The Shri Chakra Yamatech®

– The Ganesha Yamatech®

– The Maha – Mritunjay Yamatech®

– The Tripura Bhairavi Yamatech® 

For a full description and demonstration of what each Yamatech® is used for please click here.